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Overall Health and Wellbeing

Trainers at the Rushing to Yoga Foundation will work with you as an individual or organization to make the most of this course and assist you to find ways to incorporate what you learn into your daily activities. We will assist you with using mindful meditation to increase your general health and well-being. Our services include on-line courses, one-on-one personal development, workshops, and seminars.

> Mindfulness treatment as effective as CBT for depression, anxiety - Science Daily - Nov. 2014- Group mindfulness treatment is as effective as individual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in patients with depression and anxiety, according to a new study from Lund University in Sweden and Region Skåne. This is the first randomized study to compare group mindfulness treatment and individual cognitive behavioral therapy in patients with depression and anxiety in primary health care.
> Mindfulness Associated with Better Health - News from Brown, Oct. 2014 - As noted more precisely in a new study in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, researchers at Brown University found a significant association between self-reported “dispositional mindfulness” and better scores on four of seven cardiovascular health indicators, as well as a composite overall health score
> Mind over cancer: can meditation aid recovery? - The Guardian, Feb. 2014 - Breast cancer survivors who practised mindfulness were found to have increased calm and wellbeing, better sleep and less physical pain. Clinical trials by Oxford University have shown that mindfulness is as effective as antidepressants, and in patients with multiple episodes of depression can reduce the recurrence rate by 40-50% compared with usual care.

“Healing comes from taking responsibility: to realize that it is you - and no one else - that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.”
~Peter Shepherd

> Mindfulness-based depression therapy reduces health care visits - Center for Addiction and Mental Health - Aug. 2014 - The research showed that frequent health service users who received mindfulness-based cognitive therapy showed a significant reduction in non-mental health care visits over a one-year period, compared with those who received other types of group therapy.
> Only 25 Minutes of Mindfulness Meditation Alleviates Stress, According to Carnegie Mellon Researchers - Jul. 2014-New research from Carnegie Mellon University is the first to show that brief mindfulness meditation practice — 25 minutes for three consecutive days — alleviates psychological stress.
> Meditation: Healing more than just minds? Mindfulness intervention for people with diabetes, coronary heart disease - Science Daily - May, 2014 - Dr. Peter Coventry has said, "mindfulness based interventions appear to be an acceptable and effective way for some people with long term conditions to regain a sense of balance and self-determination in their lives by allowing them to accept their limitations and focus on what is achievable in the present rather than worrying about the past or what they might not be able to do in the future. In this sense it is a means to help people self-manage their illness and it has the potential to offer people long term benefits if practiced regularly and built into their daily routines."
> Mindfulness training for memory impaired, their caregivers - Northwestern University- Nov. 2014 - Mindfulness training for individuals with early-stage dementia and their caregivers together in the same class was beneficial for both groups, easing depression and improving sleep and quality of life, reports new Northwestern Medicine study.
> Mindfulness techniques can help protect pregnant women against depression - University of Colorado at Boulder- Nov. 2014- Pregnant women with histories of major depression are at high risk of becoming depressed again in the months before and after their babies are born. A new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder found that practicing mindfulness techniques--such as meditation, breathing exercises and yoga--could help protect these women against a recurrence.
> Staying Well: A Clinical Trial of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Education Groups for HIV - - To examine the effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and education groups on HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome) infection. Key outcomes include CD4 and viral load, stress hormones, depression and quality of life.
> Health Benefits of Reduced Stress - We share this article with you because it is a reminder that when our body is not stressed, it has more capacity to engulf bacteria without a fight. A new study suggests mindfulness training can help high-stressed U.S. military groups prepare for deployment to Iraq.
> Meditation and exercise are effective cold and flu fighters - NY Daily News - July, 2013 - A new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found 'a 40 to 50 percent reduction in respiratory infections' among subjects who followed a daily exercise routine and meditated for 45 minutes a day.
> Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Loneliness in Older Adults, Carnegie Mellon Study Shows - Carnegie Mellon- Jul, 2013 - "We know that loneliness is a major risk factor for health problems and mortality in older adults. This research suggests that mindfulness meditation training is a promising intervention for improving the health of older adults."
> Mindfulness Can Increase Wellbeing and Reduce Stress in School Children - Univ of Exeter, June, 2013- The researchers found that those children who participated in the mindfulness programme reported fewer depressive symptoms, lower stress and greater wellbeing than the young people in the control group. Encouragingly, around 80% of the young people said they continued using practices taught in MiSP's mindfulness curriculum after completing the nine week programme.
> Mindfulness-based meditation helps teenagers with cancer - Universite de Montreal, Mar. 2014 - Mindfulness-based meditation could lessen some symptoms associated with cancer in teens, according to the results of a clinical trial intervention led by researchers at the University of Montreal and its affiliated CHU Sainte-Justine children's hospital.


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