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Student Success

Integrative Inquiry(INIQ)is designed to enable undergraduate and graduate students to more effectively regulate stress and other emotions that hinder academic achievement and overall well-being.  INIQ literally changes the structure and function of the brain by down regulating amygdala activity - the center of emotional reactivity and up-regulating anterior cingulate cortex, and pre-frontal and medial frontal cortex activity - the centers of sending and executive functions (analytical reasoning, critical thinking, communication, and more).

The design of the Integrative Inquiry Curriculumis focused on enhancing attention regulation (AR), emotion regulation (ER), and cognitive regulation (CR) which are all intended to reduce students’ perceived stress and increase their attention and focus, as well as critical thinking dispositions.  All of this is expected to improve students' overall well-being, resilience, and success.


"The most helpful thing I got out of the course was taking at least one mindful breath everyday and focusing on the present moment."
~ Haley Ryan, Student Affairs Graduate Student, SDSU

> What Do We Know About Student Success? (pdf) (video)

> Integrative Inquiry in Higher Education

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