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Trainers at the Rushing to Yoga Foundation will work with you as an individual or organization to make the most of this course and assist you to find ways to incorporate what you learn into your daily activities. We will assist you with using mindful meditation to prevent either your successes or failures from deterring you from your goals. Our services include on-line courses, one-on-one personal development, workshops, and seminars.

> How to build resilience with meditation - Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
> SIY 101 Intro to Emotional Intelligence
> Psychology Today - articles on resilience
> Building Resilience - Harvard Business Review -April, 2011 - We have learned not only how to distinguish those who will grow after failure from those who will collapse, but also how to build the skills of people in the latter category.
> The Road to Resilience - American Psychological Association - Resilience is not a trait that people either have or do not have. It involves behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone.
> National summit on Resilience, the Brain, and Meditation - webcast -Military leaders, medical researchers promote TM for resilience and health at national summit - The meeting investigated the extensive scientific evidence and clinical experience using the Transcendental Meditation technique to promote resilience and overcome post-traumatic stress disorder among active-duty military personnel, veterans, and cadets.
> Mindfulness protects adults' health from the impacts of childhood adversity - Temple Univ - Sep. 2014 - "Our results suggest that mindfulness may provide some resilience against the poor adult health outcomes that often result from childhood trauma," he said. "Mindfulness training may help adults, including those with a history of childhood trauma, to improve their own well-being and be more effective with children."



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