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Shannon, 2014 (class participant)
Journaling while learning how to not judge and simply breath – allowed me to learn how to create a space between the reality of a situation and my response to it which has enhanced my ability to process my thoughts. I developed a stronger sense of self and what I love, value, who I value, and why I value my life. Journaling provided an opportunity to have a deeper relationship with myself so that I can better serve others. Journaling also invited time and space to consider new ways of looking at my life that helped me process and then release expectations.

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Dilcie, 2014 (class participant)
The creative and unconventional ways of the Integrative Inquiry course taught me that leadership is not so much about how I manage others but rather how I manage myself.  It is about understanding who I am, how I am feeling and how these feelings impact my emotions, thoughts and behaviors.  It is about being in a constant state of inquiry and taking time to honor the pause.  It is about not judging myself and trying to maintain a certain standard but rather practicing self-compassion, which in turn allows me to practice compassion with others. 

Tita, 2014 (class participant)
Without a doubt, focused breathing has given me a tool to use when I am experiencing stress.  During stressful moments, the first thing that I think of is closing my eyes, getting in a comfortable position, and listening to my breathing, even if it is for only two minutes.  Focused breathing has helped me dramatically change the way that I think.  For example, I am more able to “pause” and allow myself to let go and breathe before reacting to difficult situations.  

Student, 2013
I have really taken your evaluation and comments to heart, particularly those about empowerment, and have been incorporating them into my everyday life. I just felt it was important to know that, even though we were together approximately one hour during the presentation, you made an indeligible mark on me as a student, and I wanted to thank you for that.

Chelsea, 2013 (class participant)
I just wanted to shoot you an email and thank you again for such an amazing semester and the opportunity to do rushing to yoga, even if i had to miss the last 2 sessions before our ending one due to work. As you know im majoring in kinesiology and neuroscience so the idea of yoga as a use of rehabilitation and restructuring the nervous system greatly interested me. All in all learning focused breathing thought control and using poses and breathing to heal has actually completely changed my lifestyle in just a short semester. I look at everything and respond to everything in a completely different way and my life has definitely changed for the better. I feel so much more in tune to my thoughts and body, I'm actually beginning to grasp the concept of awareness and it has made all the difference. Thank you for being such a brilliant inspiration!

Qy-Ana, November, 2012 (workshop participant)
I recently participated in your outstanding mid-level institute at NASPA in Hawaii.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the positive impact your teachings have had on me.  I am a very rational, evidence-based, data-driven, type-A, deliberate and intentional OCD kind of gal.  J  But I felt compelled to share my experiences and gratitude with you.  Thank you for all of your wisdom, inspiration and support.  Thank you for helping me let go of my past and move forward with my life.

Carol, November, 2012 (Class participant)
What an outstanding afternoon of information and insight.  Thank you for all the time and energy you put into developing such a great workshop.

Jill, November, 2012 (Class participant)
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful workshop.  I am so grateful for the messages you shared and the time you invested in us all.

Nan Herron, January, 2013
This is amazing and brilliant! I love how you transform discomfort, chaos and confusion into accessible, exciting and inspiring mindfulness and codified common sense.

Pearl, September, 2012 (Class participant)
Dear Dr. B,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again.  I think I'll probably be thanking you a lot throughout this process.  I just read the handout you gave us on Wednesday for 836C on breathing.  I took a moment to read it and practice it and it really helps. Your course this summer was so helpful.  In addition to many lessons learned, the one that affected me the most was to not judge myself.  I learned I do this a lot.  More than I thought.  I promise I will continue practicing my breathing and taking care of myself the best way possible.  You give me hope that I can do this.  Thank you!

Chrissy, May, 2012
I agree, whole heartily. I was in higher education for 6 years, and I hear what you say about teaching only to the ego and not to the soul. Keep up the great work!

Louise, May, 2012
Count me in! and -- I believe we need to instill more compassion everywhere in our world! :)

Jaclyn, July 2012- (Class participant)
I feel the course has been helpful to me both personally and professionally. I am now more aware of what I'm thinking, feeling, and doing, and rarely have the intense physical reactions caused by stress and anxiety that I used to experience. I'm a bit more calm and logical. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You really are making a difference, and I'm so excited to see the impact The Love Curriculum makes in the lives of many more people - both in and outside of higher ed.



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