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Our Programs

The Rushing to Yoga Foundation offers Integrative Inquiry which promotes:

1) emotional intelligence
2) conscious choice making among leaders
3) overall well-being
4) resilience
5) student success
6) compassion
7) mindfulness and peace
8) search inside yourself attention and mindfulness

These programs are offered as professional development workshops and consulting services on how you can embed what you have learned from your two-day SIYLI training into what already exists on your campuses.  For example, we can provide you with assistance on integrating the SIYLI strategies into a) course work, b) the way in which you lead and organize yourselves in your work, c) communication processes and materials, d) and even review policies to maximize compassion and mindfulness.   We will help you figure out the most effective ways in which to embed the SIYLI strategies to maximize organizational emotional intelligence, leadership productivity, compassion, mindfulness, student success, and overall well-being.

We also offer classes and workshops on Mindfulness-Bases Stress Reduction.

WE NOW OFFER COFFEE BREAK MEDITATION AS A MOBILE APP! With a 10 minute or less daily commitment, you can enjoy a program to better understand yourself and your intentions, lower your stress, increase well being and foster compassion for others. Six week inquiry, mindfulness & meditation course for only $15!! Contact us for information on how to sign up!

Dr. Bresciani-Ludvik of The Rushing to Yoga Foundation is certified to offer workshops and retreats instructing the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute's (SIYLI) 2-day program.   Developed at Google and based on the latest in neuroscience research, the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) programs offer attention and mindfulness training that build the core emotional intelligence skills needed for peak performance and effective leadership. Send us a message if you are interested in having a course for your group or organization.

We urge you to consider scheduling a class or workshop for yourself, your organization, school or your university in any of the above areas. Our instructional designers will customize a course especially for your needs. Consider the value to groups in your area who are functioning in stressful situations or cultures. Consider how much more effectively your group or organization could function if interactions were handled with compassion instead of ego. Know the satisfaction of bringing skills for peace, compassion and effective communication to a local group of which you are aware or part of. Which schools, businesses or organizations in your area could benefit from our services?

We also respectfull request that you consider funding a class.

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