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Mindfulness and meditation app for mobile devices

INIQ-Coffee Break Meditation Mobile App -

Interested in the Integrative Inquiry program, but want a sample first?  Want a simple meditation program to start your day?  Sign up on now for the mobile version of INIQ Pollinate. Online daily exercises(less than an hour a week) using neuroscience to rewire your brain...optimize well-being, foster awareness, encourage creativity & address problems.  Great way to start the day or as a “Coffee Break Meditation.” Bookmark it and visit each day for a refreshing break from the workday stress. Each segment of the 6 week program is only a few minutes, consisting of videos and daily exercises short  enough to fit into anyone’s day. Help’s put your day’s activities into perspective!  AVAILABLE NOW !! Low cost and low time commitment! If you are an android user, contact us for instructions of joining in. Sign Up Here -->

Individual Online 8 Week Course with faculty interaction: Abbreviated course, same videos and practices as our 16 week course, compressed into a shorter time period. ($450.00) Complete sign up form and fax. You will be contacted for credit card info, or you can print and mail your form with check.)

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16 week mobile app $30

8 Week Mobile App $15

5 Week Mobile App $7.50

4 Week Mobile App $5.00

Online Faculty Moderated 8 Week Course $450


Intention training
The purpose is not to only see what we want to see, but to see what is really there through the lens of our intention.  And in seeing what is there, guided by our intention, we can see all of the choices that are possible.  This allows us the opportunity to connect to our purpose even in the midst of uncertainty.

  • Who Am I? What Do I Want? What Is My Life’s Purpose? What Am I grateful for?

Attention Training
What  are you paying attention to right now?   We can’t actually know what we are paying attention to without an awareness of what we are paying attention to. 

  • How judgmental of yourself are you when your attention wonders away from what you intended, and how kindly do you direct your attention back to where you want it placed?

Empowering Choice
Knowing that you can become aware of where your attention resides while you are doing anything anywhere is empowering. We invite you to begin training your attention while you are engaged in other day-to-day experiences.  Yes, you can train your attention anytime anywhere and as such, you can begin to notice the quality of your attention and make choices with regard to that. 

  • What is the quality of your attention as it shifts from your surroundings in the room and sensations in the body back to breath?

Emotion Training
Attention training is leading us to become aware of our emotions.  Emotions may first be noticed as bodily sensations.  What we train here is your attention to emotions that arise in your body before the public display of behavior associated with those emotions is ever seen.  If you become aware of your emotions, then you get to choose whether and how to express your emotions.

  • How aware of your emotions are you before they are expressed in a way that is visible to others?

Inquiry Training
Thoughts, just like emotions arise.  We can’t stop them from coming.  However, through attention training, we can become aware they have arrived and eventually become aware they are arriving, as such we can learn to work collaboratively with them and choose to focus on that which aligns with our intention.

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