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Academic Research that Drives the Self-inquiry Curriculum

Based on researched principles in neuroscience, psychology, physics, and education (Baijal, Jha, Kiyonaga, Singh, & Srinivasan, 2011; Brand, Laier, Pawlikowski, Markowitsch, 2009; Davidson, Kabat-Zinn, Schumacher, Rosenkranz, Muller, Santorelli, Urbanowski, Harrington, Bonus, and Sheridan, 2003; Hart, 2004; Hart, 2008; Kahneman, & Klein, 2009; Norenzayan, Jun Kim, Smith, & Nisbett, 2002; WR, & Santorelli SF., 1992; Sreenivasan, Sambhara, & Jha, 2011; Van Vugt & Jha, 2011; Wadlinger & Isaacowitz, 2011), the 16-32 week curriculum (you can also select specific modules that can be adopted and adapted for you and/or your organization's needs) teaches students self-discipline, self-awareness, self-referral, values clarification, communication skills, conflict resolutions skills, and deep inner inquiry.  Assessment techniques are used to guide individuals through their individual self-compassion processes as well as to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the curriculum.

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The purpose of interiority education (Hart, 2008) is to guide participants in their journey toward non-judgmental self-inquiry.  In learning to practice non-judgmental self-inquiry, graduates of the curriculum have more capacity to interact with others, using self-referral, as opposed to object-referral and thus are less threatened by differences they encounter, are more open to diverse opinions, and can engage in communication that promotes peace and inquiry.   Such communication is more likely to create peaceful collaborations and increased ability to focus on discovering what factors contribute to current problems.  This all leads to the creation of innovative solutions for the problems our society faces today as well as increased well-being and a significant reduction in stress.

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