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The Integrative Inquiry Curriculum


The Integrative Inquiry Curriculum uses research-proven mindfulness based stress reduction practices, self-compassion practices, and inquiry coaching in order to train attention and emotion regulations skills as well as enhance cognitive regulation skills, which are expected to increase persistence and degree completion via improved critical thinking dispositions, decreased stress and anxiety, and increased self-compassion and resilience. Such outcomes are therefore expected to increase inner peace and self-compassion as well as outward expressions of compassion and creativity within ambiguity which result in the creation of peaceful communities.

INIQ can be offered as an on-line, hybrid, or face-to-face format for undergraduate and graduate students or modified for higher education faculty and administrators.  It can be offered as stand alone course, a one-hour lab that complements any already existing course, or a complementary seminar or training program for any degree. See our Services for more information about our training or to request a class. The assessment study of the pilot program has been very positive, and the course has received praise from the class participants.

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"Thank you for helping me let go of my past and move forward with my life."
~2012 class participant.

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