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Integrative Inquiry - Intentionally Changing the Structure and Function of Your Brain

What it is:

Integrative Inquiry is the process of integrating the knowledge gained from research, course learning, and book learning with the wisdom gained from intuition, sensing, and the mindful experiencing of emotions with the ability to embrace the unknown.  With the ability to integrate multiple sources of information through generative questions and other training methodologies, participants of integrative inquiry are able to regulate stress and creatively problem solve while experiencing ambiguity. This all leads to the promotion of peace and compassion through conscious choice-making.

The Rushing to Yoga Foundation offers a 10-week or 16-week, 2 hours per week, hybrid or online training program.

mindfulness training

The course uses research-proven mindfulness based stress reduction practices, self-compassion practices, and inquiry coaching in order to train attention and emotion regulations skills as well as enhance cognitive regulation skills, which are expected to increase persistence and degree completion via improved critical thinking dispositions, decreased stress and anxiety, and increased self-compassion and resilience.

We welcome you to contact us to schedule a class, workshop, or personal guidance in Integrative Inquiry. We also ask that you consider assisting the foundation in bringing this important curriculum to others.

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