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Integrative Inqury Handbook

The Integrative Inquiry Handbook: Practical Application of the Neuroscience of Learning and Development is a handbook currently under development by Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, Ph.D, and Matthew Evrard, M.A., San Diego State University. Its anticipated release date is early 2015. Some chapters may be released in advance, so we hope you will continue to check back.

The expected outline is below:


Preface: How to Use this Book and Definition of Integrative Inquiry

Chapter 1: A summary of the Science behind Integrative Inquiry

Chapter 2: A summary of the Learning and Development Theories that Support Integrative Inquiry

Chapter 3: Basic Resources and Strategies for Implementation

Chapter 4: Integrative Inquiry Fundamentals

Chapter 5: The First Eight Weeks: Readings and Exercises

Chapter 6: The Second Eight Weeks: Readings and Exercises

Chapter 7: Assessing and Researching the Efficacy of Integrative Inquiry by each INIQ outcome

Chapter 8: A Word about Transforming Postsecondary Education





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