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We are excited that you are interested in joining our class on Integrative Inquiry.  We are excited for you and the learning and development adventure in which you are about to experience.  We invite you to adopt a playful curiosity as we begin this journey.

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The Integrative Inquiry course is designed to train your sensing abilities so that you will experience increased attention, emotion, and cognitive regulation.  What that really means is that we will guide you to experience your senses and grow to trust them as a form of intelligence that can be used in concert with your intellect(a.k.a. the intelligence you train through listening to lectures, reading books, and conversing with your peers). INIQ is also designed to enhance your intellect by training your inquiry skills or your awareness of your thoughts. In essence, we train your attention and emotion regulating abilities, so that you can stay open to all the possibilities that exist in inquiry into your thoughts.

This course may be unlike anything you have experienced before in that we engage a lot in what we call the “practice.”  The “practice” is nothing more than a compilation of highly researched training exercises that may involve sitting still and observing your breath or it may involve some movement and being invited to focus on how your body feels and what emotions arise as you move.  Furthermore, we will invite you to engage in the “practice” with very little instruction, encouraging you to engage in your practice with a playful curiosity, to suspend attachment to judging your experience of the practice, and simply observe and inquire into the experience in order to discover what your sensing intelligence is sharing with you. 

All of this is designed to train your awareness of where your attention is and to simply notice what you are experiencing emotionally as well as to become aware of associated thoughts.

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"The most helpful thing I got out of the course was taking at least one mindful breath everyday and focusing on the present moment."
~ Haley Ryan, Student Affairs Graduate Student, SDSU

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Pilot results from our previous courses have been encouraging, as well as feedback from course participants.

Ways to participate in the course (Enter CSWEB10 for 10% off)

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Request a 16 Week On-line Group Class: We can adapt the coursework for a group of your choice, with everyone taking the course at the same pace and interacting with faculty and one another online. (pricing will vary, based on the length of course, amount of adaptation and number of participants)

Customized 1-3 Day Workshops (pricing will vary, based on the length of course, amount of adaptation and number of participants)

Individual Online 8 Week Course with faculty interaction: Abbreviated course, same videos and practices, compressed into a shorter time period. ($450.00) Complete sign up form and fax. You will be contacted for credit card info, or you can print and mail your form with check.) Sign Up Form (fax or mail in)

Online Mobile App with no faculty interaction: Online daily exercises(less than an hour a week) using neuroscience to rewire your brain...optimize well-being, foster awareness, encourage creativity & address problems. Low cost and low time commitment! More info on the mobile app -->

16 week mobile app $30
8 Week Mobile App $15
5 Week Mobile App $7.50
4 Week Mobile App $5.00

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