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Change - It Begins With One – and That One is YOU.

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Join us in the “Give a Job to a Homeless Person Compassion Project.”

Order one or more packages of Blessing postcards and hand them to a homeless person with some money. When you hand the packet of postcards to a homeless person, if you can hire them to give away one individual blessing postcard to each person they may come into contact with as they go through the day.  If they, pay them the wage of $5-10/packet and then hand them the packet of postcards to disseminate. 

You will feel great by providing a job to a homeless person and the person you hired will feel great because now you have provided that person with the means to give a blessing to someone else.  The person receiving the card will in turn, feel great as they are reminded to be Compassion, Peace, or Joy.  In addition, the person receiving the card can turn around and send the card out to someone else with a personal message.  It is the job that keeps on giving compassion, peace, and joy.  And it begins with One – that one is YOU.

One package of Blessing Postcards with original photography donated by Christine Hoey, provides you with 2 cards of each design (Be Joy, Be Love, Be Peace).  To order your Blessings Postcards at cost, please order below through Paypal or send order form through mail with your payment. Each packet costs $5 to cover printing and shipping costs.

If you choose to engage in this Compassion Project, without ordering the Rushing to Yoga Foundation Blessings Postcards, no worries.  Please simply write us an email, addressed to to let us know what you are doing and how you are going about doing it so that we can share your Compassion Project story on our Compassion Project web site.

As you engage in your Compassion Project, be sure to let others know to visit the Rushing to Yoga Foundation Compassion Project web site so they can be inspired by the way in which you are promoting Love, Peace, and Joy in your community. Also share your experiences and ideas about Compassion Projects on the Compassion Project Blog.

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