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You Need  Compassion

Compassion is not defined as the expressions of the ego self, rather, Compassion is defined as the expression of source power, which some have come to describe as God, the Universe, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, the Tao, the Big Bang, or Nirvana among other names and among that which must not be named.  Rushing to Yoga is a foundation that facilitates your discovery of your spiritual source power, as you continue to practice your religious or non-religious life.  Rushing to Yoga celebrates expressions of self-understanding, and authentic self-compassion in every aspect of life, regardless of your religious belief or spiritual practice.

We facilitate your connection with compassion & love by facilitating your discovery of how to understand and feel compassion towards yourself. In loving yourself, you are free to feel compassion towards others without judgment and expectations and without managing and and manipulating those with whom you live and work. Through self-compassion, you will experience peace, joy, authenticity, and the ability to empower others to experience compassion towards themselves.

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“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?”
~Henry David Thoreau


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