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Rushing to Yoga Foundation - Our Name

The Foundation was created by Dr. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, following the publishing of her series of books, starting with Rushing to Yoga, in which she details her own journey to discover joy, love and peace in her own life. From this start, she has chosen as her life's mission, to help others who may also be rushing about, hoping to find inner peace.

Rushing to Yoga means rushing to union with yourself and the funny thing is that you don’t really have to rush; you just don’t want to delay getting started on the integrative self-inquiry curriculum.   Rushing to Yoga is a foundation that facilitates your discovery of your spiritual source power, as you continue to practice your religious or non-religious life.  Rushing to Yoga celebrates expressions of self-understanding and authentic self-compassion in every aspect of life, regardless of your religious belief or spiritual practice.

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